Friday, November 21, 2014

What does my parakeet think of living here with us?

The winner of the newsletter question contest has a 10 year old parakeet named Pulsipher.  She works with a parakeet rescue group and her question for him is...

"What do you think of living here with us?"
Pulsipher is thankful to have a caring family, he has all the comforts a bird could ask for.  He just wonders why there are so many birds coming and going - his concerned was that he would be the next one "going".  I explained to him that his family cares for birds that are in between loving homes and assured him that this is his forever home. I felt a sign of relief from Pulsipher.

Working with rescues and fostering animals is such a loving way to help those animals looking for their forever home.  Fostering takes a special kind of heart wants to take them all in...unfortunately my two cats Harmony and Itty Bitty have set their boundaries in my little condo. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

How do I keep my pets calm during the holidays?

1)       My cat goes crazy when we have lots of people at our home.  With the holidays coming up we plan on family gatherings – what can I do to avoid her getting so upset?

Animals pick up on the energy of the people around them – if they don’t know the people, they may become protective – of you and their “home”.  If you can,  separate them in a separate room, with their favorite toys, bed, food, water – or in a quarantined area where they are not exposed to the crowds.  Talk to them before the event letting them know people will be coming over and “you” will be in a nice separate area with “your” favorite things. “ Nobody will hurt us or our home so you don’t have to worry about protecting us – they are our friends.”  Reassure the pet in a calm voice, assuring them the company will be leaving and your home will return to normal.

2)      I am going away for the holidays and have to leave my dog at a kennel for a week.  I feel so guilty, what can I do for her while I am gone? 
Great question – pets can have abandonment issues – especially when they are rescues .  They are anxious if you are coming back, when you are coming back.  The night before you are going to bring them to the kennel, sleep in an old t-shirt or nightgown, don’t wash it so it has your scent on it.  Bring this item with you to be placed in the kennel with their toys, bed, food, water – the regular comforts that have their scent and now yours.  Reassure your pet you will be returning (i.e. in 7 times the sun goes down for 7 days).  They will be staying with their Aunt Susie, playing with other dogs – or whatever the situation is.  Talk to them out loud or in your thinking voice.  You may not hear a response, but they will understand you.