Friday, June 3, 2016

August 14 - Learn to Speak with the Animals L.A.

Learn to Speak with the Animals

Sunday, August 14, 2016

1pm - 3pm*

The Gateway Portal 

2511 Barrington Ave, Los Angeles (map link)

$75 Pre-registration

 $100 at the door
$35 for returning students

Price includes a copy of the book 
“Learn to Speak with the Animals - by Developing Your Intuitive Abilities”

* Limited 15 minute Animal Communication Readings for $50 following the class – contact Frances to schedule your reading.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June 26 - ADVANCED Learn to Speak with the Animals


Learn to Speak with the Animals

Sunday, June 26

Sunday, July 24

Sunday, August 28

1pm - 3pm

Dana Point


Full address given upon your RSVP to:

Many of you have expressed an interest in a Learn to Speak with the Animals ADVANCED class where you can practice doing the animal readings.  I have scheduled this two hour class at a private home in Dana Point.  

This two hour Advanced class is only open to those who have previously attended my Learn to Speak with the Animals class.  This will be a chance for you to practice your skills and build your confidence. Please bring an assortment of photos of your pets and your willingness to share your gifts with the other students.

I find it is all about practice, practice, practice and trust, trust, trust...the animals are waiting to talk with you. 

I look forward to seeing you!

June 11 - Learn to Speak with the Animals

Learn to Speak with the Animals

Saturday, June 11, 2016
4pm - 6pm
$75 Pre-registration
 $100 at the door
$35 for returning students

Price includes a free copy of the book 
“Learn to Speak with the Animals - by Developing Your Intuitive Abilities”

25260 La Paz Rd, Ste D, Laguna Hills


Yes, you can communicate with animals! 

This class is open to anyone wanting to learn about animal communication and how to connect with animals at a deeper level. It’s designed to help you develop or expand upon that ability through learning about what animal communication is, how it works, and the perspective of animals. Learn how to open your heart and mind to receive animals' messages. 

Exercises and individual attention to each participant's learning process are provided in a safe, supportive, empowering environment. Each person is requested to bring a photo of an animal (alive or even those who have passed on) for each person to speak with them individually while Frances helps to fine-tune your reception skills to help build your confidence in your abilities. 

  • How animals communicate 
  • The perspective of life from the animals’ point of view 
  • The spiritual essence of animals 
  • Psychic abilities: seeing, hearing, knowing, sensing, feeling (physical and emotional) 
  • How to communicate: basics 
  • Understanding your innate abilities 
  • Addressing blocks to clear communication 
  • Knowing yourself prior to communication 
  • Techniques for clearing the mind and focusing the heart 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Animal Resource List

Animal Resource List

Please share with me your favorite animal healers - western, eastern and holistic, vets, reiki, acupuncture, food, sitters, walkers, aromatherapy - I would like to make this list available to my readers in the next blog - and add to it as a resource to serve you and the animals.

Pet Walkers and Sitters

949-600-8885 cell:  949-677-4930

Lisa the Critter-Sitter 

Pattie Meyers 949-370-0087

Judy’s Loving Care by Judy Steward  949-278-7876  Rise Taylor 949-554-9700

Rescues and Organizations

Orange County People for Animals  

949-939-4860 / 714-751-6272

Kitten Rescue LW Catmom’s Adoptions 

Linda 949-348-2640

Phyllis 323-394-0954

Julie 61-313-5193

Kitten Rescue 818-347-3037 


17th St. Dog Spaw, 
285 E. 17th St., Costa Mesa

Pet Health    Arthramine for Healthy Joints & Bones 
Glucosamine is great for older dogs with stiff joints, add to their food and can be purchased at your local pet store.   Enzymes and sprays to address feline spraying and urine issues    Animal & Bird Clinic of Mission Viejo 
Dr. Peter Bloch
24912 Chrisanta Drive
Mission Viejo, 92691
(949) 768-3651
Paws On the Go, Center for Animal Physical Rehabilitation and Mobility Solutions

Caroline Goulard DVM, CCRT, CVA, CVPP
24310 Moulton Pkwy Suite N, Laguna Woods, CA 92637

PAWS on the GO describes exactly what we do for your cat or dog....Getting critters back on their paws so they can get
back on the go.

We have an unrelenting passion for helping pets with their animal physical rehabilitation and mobility issues along with providing non-invasive pain management. 

Pet Food
Nutritional pet food and natural products
Vickie Marx  949-360-7773

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Dogs and their food – why are their tummies upset?

More and more of my dog clients have been having food issues – allergies and stomach concerns – even being “prescribed” or “recommended” foods only found at the vet’s office.  Dog food is big business and I believe fillers are being used to make more money, with less nutritional value for the dogs.  (I have not found the same issues with my cat clients – but if you are having a concern with allergies or stomach issues this message will apply.) Please understand I do believe in Western, Eastern and Holistic healing methods –when appropriate.  However, when I look at the first five ingredients in many of these “recommended” by the vet, “can only get at the vet’s office” products, I have a problem.  

Check out the first five ingredients on the labels as they are listed by volume content.  Do you know what they are?  Are they real and nutritious food (i.e. meat, vegetable or vitamin) or fillers with words that include wheat, whey, corn, grain, meal, flour?  If you don’t know what an ingredient is, look it up – I did this while with a client.  We discovered the definition of the item was “no nutritional value, added to pet food as filler.” 

I highly recommend checking out the Blue Buffalo brand.  I am not endorsed by them or paid by them.  I have just found my clients are very happy when they are fed products by this company.  I know there are other great brands out there – read the labels – that is my message to you.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Why does my dog bark and lunge at the TV?

I am finding it more and more prevalent with my clients this past year or so.  Our TVs are getting bigger and bigger and the resolution is just so life like that our pets think they are real people, with real issues and "they are talking about ME!!!

When I speak with the animals, I try to stay within a “child-like” view of the world.  They are very simple beings who see things on face value – in this case the faces on this “box” that are talking about them, threatening them or possibly a threat to their family.  They may bark or lunge at the TV thinking they are in “protective mode” – or fearful of the people coming out of the box and into their home.  

I explain to them that the stories they hear on this box are make-believe or stories based on someone else’s life.  I assure them they and their family are safe from the voices they hear and people they see on the box.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Billy's Message from the Other Side

Frances:  Hi Billy –how are you?

Billy:  I’m fine – I wish mom would stop blaming herself.   She did nothing wrong.  She did everything she could and more.  My body was only going to last just so long. 

It saddens me to see her so upset – thank you for talking with her.  She
was the perfect mom – I know she didn’t think so – but she made the best food and served it with love.  Love was all around – she had so much to share with
me.  I want her now to share that love with herself.  To treat herself like she did me – even half as much would be so good for her. Please tell her I love her very much and will always love her.  I will always be in her heart and she can call on me whenever she wants me by her side. 

Please tell her to light a candle for me tonight and know that when it goes out – I will still be around her in her heart.  She will never be forgotten – she was the best mom a dog could ever have. 

Frances:  Thank you, Billy – I will share this with your mom.

Billy:  You’re welcome and thank you from all of us on this side of the veil.