Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Adopting a New Pet: Finding the Right Companion

Adopting a New Pet:
Finding the Right Companion

Adopting a new pet after one has transitioned can be tricky, especially when there is a surviving companion grieving the loss. When is it OK? Grieving appears with signs such as loss of appetite, lack of desire to thrive and sleeping more than usual. Just like humans, the animals grieve the loss of a loved one.

In doing this work of animal communication, I have found the pets who stay behind, while in their grief, or even a year or two later, can be very possessive of their owners. Introducing a new pet, without asking them first, can create havoc. There can be jealousy of the new pet or anger at you for bringing in another. How can you replace their dear companion?

Norton is a 15-year-old domestic shorthair orange male cat that was not keen on the new dog joining the family.

Norton:  Why did he get the dog? Wasn't I enough? Is he going to replace me? I try to be good. I've been giving him more attention since the dog's been here - why is he so loud? He doesn't let me sleep in peace. I just want to be left alone and he comes and sniffs around me.

Me:  The dog needed a good home so dad brought him home - you can share dad can't you?

Norton:  I suppose - as long as he doesn't eat my food - I eat all my food so he won't get it.

Me: You don't have to do that - there will always be enough for you - I'll make sure dad puts your dish where the dog can't get to it, OK?

Norton:  OK that will help - thanks. Tell dad I love him OK? I don't get to say that to him so he understands.

Bubba, a cat that was depressed as he was missing the daughter (he called "mom") that was away on vacation and he was overhearing conversations of her going away to medical school:

Bubba:  Why did mom leave me? I know they love me too - but I miss my mom. Bring mom back or take me to her.

Me:  I asked if hearing her voice would help. Sometimes it can help to put the phone on speaker and having the pet hear the voice of the person they are missing.

Bubba:  Yes, hearing her voice will help. I like my food. My other moms are nice, but they aren't mom. My house is nice, my bed is nice. I miss my mom. I want my mom.

Me:  Playmate?

Bubba:  Maybe - but I'm the boss. Maybe a girlfriend? I might like that - I never had a girlfriend before. One that looks like me? I'd like that - yeah that could be fun.

When my client is thinking of bringing in another pet, after the loss of a dear companion, I tune in to the surviving companion for guidance. Have they cleared the grieving process? Is there anger towards the owner for "taking their companion" away? Do they understand the death process? Are they seeing their companion's spirit around them?

Excerpts taken from my books: What Do Your Pets Want You to Know?, More Messages from the Animals, and Lessons from the Animals available on Amazon and Kindle.

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Friday, September 11, 2020

They Will Always Be in Our Hearts

I love to speak with the older animals. Some know that they won’t be here much longer, or they know they may not have another chance to tell their mom or dad their wishes when the time comes.

Our pets are very aware of their short time on this planet – compared to ours. They usually want to go in peace and not have their bodies held here – their spirit is ready to go. Signs of this are when they no longer want to eat or drink. The body is ready – they will always be in your hearts.

Being at home more I find myself reflecting on my life, home, future, passions, wishes, bucket list – yes, that bucket list – traveling to the seven Wonders of the World. I started going through my old files, physical papers, and on my computer. I realized I had not reviewed my Will since 2007!!!! OMG, do you know how much my life has changed since 2007!!! The other thing I started to think about is what happens to my pets when I am no longer here? Hopefully, that will be a long time from now – but thinking about it was thought-provoking. I know it is not a fun topic, but seriously one that I don’t think many of us have given much thought. Whether you designate a person, rescue, funds, or whatever – make your wishes clear to those closest to you.

For the Love of Animals,


Thursday, August 6, 2020

Do You Talk to Animals?

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Friday, July 10, 2020

Animal Communication ONLINE Course

Yes, you can communicate with animals! This course is for anyone wanting to learn about animal communication and how to connect with animals at a deeper level. It’s designed to help you develop or expand upon that ability through learning about what animal communication is, how it works, and the perspective of animals. Learn how to open your heart and mind to receive animals' messages. 

Learn at your own pace from your computer or phone – wherever you are.  Videos and exercises are provided for you to fine-tune your reception skills to help build your confidence in your abilities. 
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• Addressing blocks to clear communication
• Knowing yourself prior to communication
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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Conversation with Bobcat

Hi Frances,
I can’t thank you enough.  You helped in so many ways.  I didn’t realize just how sad and depressed he (Bobcat) was over the loss of Lexington.  And now that I’m cognizant of the issue, I can see it in his demeanor. Good news; he’s perked up a bit I believe because he’s feeling better.  He’s responding to the insulin and the antibiotic—and reiki.  I have been diligently giving him reiki healing every morning and he just laps it up.  You also helped me by validating that I have been, to some degree able to communicate with Bobcat, that the responses I received from him were real.

Here is my conversation with Bobcat:  
Hi Bobcat – how are you?  
I’m ok why?  

Your mom asked if I would talk with you is that ok?  
Yeah, that’s ok with me.  She’s so good to me.  I know I have my stuff she deals with, but she’s really a good mom and I really appreciate all she does. 

Do you miss your siblings Topper and Lexington? 
Yeah, especially Lexington – it’s kind of lonely with him gone.  Even though I’m not much of a player – I enjoyed just knowing he was there.  I’m kind of getting lazy in my old age and really don’t get around very quickly – but I’m ok.  I know mom gets worried and takes me to the doctor – but I feel fine – I’m just big boned – I know I’m fat – but let’s say big boned.  I don’t hurt anywhere.  I’m just bigger than I used to be.  

Would you like a new companion?  
What kind? 

What kind would you like? 
Oh, I don’t know – I suppose a cat for sure.  Maybe a younger version of me – or even two so they could play with me and I could just watch.  You know, I just am not a player.  I like to sit and watch.  

Ok I’ll let mom know your preference.  So what would make you happy?  
Oh, probably being 10 years younger.  

You’re funny, Bobcat – I wouldn’t mind that either.  Let me rephrase that, what can mom do to make you happier?) 
Mom doesn’t have to do anything – it’s just time that can help.  I just sit and remember the good times with Lexington and it makes me sad he’s not still here. 
So maybe the distraction on one or two little ones around might help, you think? 
Yeah – it certainly can’t hurt.  Distractions are good and they probably need a home like I did.  
You’re very sweet Bobcat – anything you want to tell your mom?  
Please let her know I really love her and appreciate everything she does for me.  I’m not going any time soon, but when it gets to be my time, please let me go naturally or close to it.  I don’t want any extra stuff to keep my body going.  Oh and both Topper and especially Lexington have been bugging me while we’ve been talking.  They want to let mom know they love her and are watching over her and me too.  
Thank you, Bobcat – I’m sure mom will be happy to hear that message from them. 
Thank you for talking with me.  
You’re very welcome Bobcat.  Talk you and mom later today.  Bye for now. 
* Note to Bobcat’s Mom:  When I tune into Bobcat’s body I see the pressure on the heart from the surrounding areas.  It feels like a suffocating push.  If you can possibly reduce the caloric intake and add mobility and play, this will be very beneficial to Bobcat.  Yes, the weight gain and depression is the cause of this issue, but I believe can be reduce with diet and exercise.  Play with a mouse or feather on a stick to get him up and moving.  The addition of younger energy will also get him up some – adding some activity even if it is going to other areas where the little ones might play.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

How do I Communicate with the Animals>

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