Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Why does my dog bark and lunge at the TV?

I am finding it more and more prevalent with my clients this past year or so.  Our TVs are getting bigger and bigger and the resolution is just so life like that our pets think they are real people, with real issues and "they are talking about ME!!!

When I speak with the animals, I try to stay within a “child-like” view of the world.  They are very simple beings who see things on face value – in this case the faces on this “box” that are talking about them, threatening them or possibly a threat to their family.  They may bark or lunge at the TV thinking they are in “protective mode” – or fearful of the people coming out of the box and into their home.  

I explain to them that the stories they hear on this box are make-believe or stories based on someone else’s life.  I assure them they and their family are safe from the voices they hear and people they see on the box.