Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Why Does my Dog Bark at the Animals on TV?

Ethika & Frances

Question:  Why does my Yorkie bark at the animals on the TV?

 Answer:  I don’t want them coming through the box into our house.  I’m protecting my family from the animals.  I know I’m small but I have a big bark and I use it to scare them away.  (I understand you are small and mighty – but let me assure you the animals in the box that are moving are not going to be able to come into your home.  The moving pictures in the box are the same as the pictures on the wall that are not moving – they can’t come and hurt your family.  Does that make sense?)  But they look so real – like they are going to come in at any moment.  (No honey, they are on the TV in a film – pictures that are not able to come into the box of the TV.  I promise you and your family are safe.)  Oh, so I don’t have to bark at them? (No honey, they can’t hear you – but it is quite annoying to your family.) It is? (yes, it is.)  Oh I’m sorry – I don’t want to be annoying to them – I just want to protect them.