Sunday, September 25, 2011

Animals Take on Things For Us

I speak with animals both here and to those who have crossed over. I tune in telepathically to their spirit/higher self to ask questions and receive their answers. This allows me to do phone readings to any location. Sometimes they are receptive and anxious to talk, share and tell their story – others are reluctant and give short, to the point answers. I hear their voice in my head sounding like my thinking voice, but different. Many times they take on the accent or way of speaking of their owner. Sometimes they show me pictures or I feel the emotions they are experiencing. Animals take on things for us (emotions, illnesses) and represent aspects or needs in our lives – like the need to receive unconditional love, giving our full attention to them – staying with us until a “human” love comes in to our life, a partner or a baby. Our life changes - and their purpose for us has been filled. Over the holidays my cat Itty Bitty Kitty – took on an upper respiratory infection – a cold. People all around me were ill with colds…but not me…I had my health, no problem at all. My poor kitty had to be on antibiotics and fluids…I thanked him and let him know he didn’t have to do that in the future. I beefed up my immune system with vitamins. Animals have feelings and emotions just like humans…although they are much more forgiving and most don’t hold grudges. I say most because I asked Buddy, a pit bull terrier why he didn’t like the brown poodle. When he was walked by the house Buddy barked and barked. I asked what the brown poodle said to him that got him so upset. He replied, “He called me ugly”. Nala, is a female mixed breed, was adopted only 6 weeks prior to this phone reading. She was hesitant to be affectionate or receive affection from the family. I asked her why. She told me she didn’t want to get to close since she wouldn’t be staying too long. She thought this was just another foster home…not realizing this was a permanent placement. I explained to her this is her home and the family loves her. My client on the phone started crying saying Nala was coming to her and laid down next to her. She was so happy… Nala was now able to receive affection and was relieved to know this was home. Feisty, is a female West Highland Terrier (Westie). My client called saying she was throwing up, should she take him to the vet? I asked Feisty what was going on. She told me she was nervous about mom’s upcoming surgery. My client confirmed she was having knee surgery – this was an outpatient procedure so she’ll be home and have someone over to help her. I related this info to Feisty, feeling relieved, the throwing up stopped. The animals hear our spoken words and our telepathic thoughts…so before you call them unkind names, talk of giving them away, etc. know that they hear, feel and know the meanings and may take those emotional releases as real. Not just your frustration expressed. Vader is a male Lhasa Apso. His mom asked me if there was anything he wanted to tell her. He told me he didn’t want her to call him “stupid”. She said, “But I don’t call him that to his face!” He also didn’t want to be thrown into the pool. She thought he liked it because he barked…the barking was to tell her to stop, he would go in when he was good and ready. Lucky was a 15 year old Springer Spaniel who was deaf and almost blind. His mom wanted to know if he was ready to go to heaven. He said, “No, the food’s too good.” I didn’t know that she had special marked meat in the freezer labeled “Lucky” that she cooked for him every day. For more information, contact Frances: Phone 949-412-9554 or Email