Thursday, June 25, 2015

My new dog is acting funny after a surgical procedure......

Castle is an Austrailian Labradoodle.  He will soon be a year old.  We have only had him for a couple of weeks.  There are 3 other dogs in the home.  Last week he had a procedure on his vocal cords and he has been acting funny.   We want to know how he is feeling.  

Hi Castle, how are you?
Oh I guess ok.  

Can I talk with you?
Yeah – what about?  

I understand you are in a new home – what do you think?
I don’t know – how long am I going to be here?  Why did they take me to the doctor and cut me?  Are they going to do this again?  Why did they do this to me?  

Castle, this is your new forever home.  The procedure was necessary – but you will not have to do this again.  Your family has invited you into their beautiful home.  They are a loving family and you are now a part of their family.  You now have 3 other dogs to play with and a family to feed you and make sure you have a long, healthy and happy life.
So they aren’t going to give me back if I get into trouble?  

(No, honey, but hopefully you will not get into trouble on purpose right?)  
No, of course not – but I have to learn their rules – I don’t know them yet and I’m afraid I’m going to do something wrong and they will give me away like the other family did. They said I got too big and I had to go.  I couldn’t help that I’m a bigger dog – they thought I would be a lap dog – well I was when I was a puppy – but they should have looked at my feet – I guess they just didn’t know better. 

I’m sorry that happened to you  with the other family – but this family love you just as you are.  They welcome you with open arms and want you to be happy.  Is there anything you would like to tell them? 
Please tell them I am happy they chose me and I will not disappoint them.  I will be a good dog – just please don’t take me back to the vet and leave me there.  

Honey they will only take you if it is absolutely necessary for your health.  They want you to have a healthy long life with them. 
OK – just checking.  They are very nice and the food is really good.  I think it is the best food I have every had.  I’m still sore, but when I get get better I would like to run – in a park if I can – I like running free – but I will come back to them – now that I know they are my family – thank you for telling me.  I was afraid this was just a stopping point until I healed.  I was afraid to heal completely because I thought that’s when I thought I would have to leave.  I feel so relieved that I can begin to heal properly and learn to be happy again – to love again – to be a puppy again without fear of what will happen to me.  Thank you for talking with me – this has really made me a happy dog. 

You’ are very welcome Castle.  Enjoy your life with your new family and I will talk to your mom very soon.  
Ok bye. 

During the call  the client was amazed that Castle came and sat with them – this is something he had not yet done.  He was keeping a distance so he would not get too close – physically and emotionally – as he thought this was just a temporary home for him.