Thursday, December 11, 2014

Why is my cat so uncomfortable around people?

This is my girl Sami.  She is a 3-year-old Snowshoe/Siamese mix.  

My question is:

Why is she so uncomfortable around people?  She is a very "nervous Nellie".  She wouldn't let me touch her for at least the first year I had her and she still has too many moments when she'll run from me.  She still gets visibly nervous/afraid when she hears a strange voice and hides from strangers. I've never had a cat with so much anxiety/fear.  I feel like it's beyond the normal.

It's taken her so long to come as far as she has.  Please help me to make her life much happier.

When I tuned in to Sami I asked her why she was so jumpy.  She told me she couldn't hear very well and so she didn't know when mom was coming around her.  Loud noises scare her because she can hear them and she can't tell where they are coming from.  I explained to her that mom always has her back and will always protect her so she has nothing to worry about, nothing to fear.  My suggestion to Sami's mom is to speak with her telepathically, in your thinking voice, as she will hear you and understand you perfectly. Now listening to you, like a child, is another story!