Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Animal Communication Readings in Capistrano Beach

Animal Communication Readings

 Psychic & Healing Fair
Sunday, Dec. 10, 2017

 11am - 5pm

Meditation  Readers   Vendors   Healers 

$5 Admission

Friday, August 4, 2017

Interview: Intuitive Ink Radio Show

Can animals help you heal?  Anyone that has a cherished critter in their life knows the love and joy they bring with them. But now even scientists are proving that they can heal us, both emotionally and physically.

On July 23 I was interviewed by radio talk show host, Servet Hasan about exactly how our furry (and feathered, and other) friends help us do just that.

Click on the link and listen in - I also take a few live pet reading calls!

Friday, June 9, 2017

June is Adopt a Cat Month!

Help celebrate Adopt a Shelter Cat Month by visiting the cats and kittens at the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center.  Millions of cats and kittens nationwide are waiting for their forever homes, including many currently available at the Center. 

Here are some ways that you can help cats during this special month:

1.   Adopt -  The Mission Viejo Animal Services Center has reduced adoption fees for all kittens until June 7 and for most adult cats through the entire month of June. Come to the shelter to meet the amazing cats and kittens waiting for their new families.

2.   Donate - The Mission Viejo Animal Services Center has a wish list of needed items.  Donating any of these items is a great help to the animals awaiting their new homes.

3.   Foster -  The Center has an extensive foster program for kittens, and new foster parents are always needed

4.  Spay and Neuter - SpayUSA reported that an unspayed female cat, her mate, and all of their offspring could produce as many as 370,000 cats in as little as 7 years! Contact the Center for a referral to a local low cost spay/neuter clinic.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Buster is a Happier Dog!

After my recent "conversation" with Buster, his mom had this to say.....

Buster says "Thank you Frances for making sure my mom got me a new bench to securely jump into bed

It is interesting our bond seems like it has grown even stronger since you were here. And now Buster does not seem so stressed when I leave him. He is not happy, but he is ok with it. Thank you for all that you do!

We are very grateful for you!

If your pet is exhibiting behavior that you do not understand, please contact me and arrange an animal communication conversation!

or email me at:  FrancesWGreenspan@gmail.com

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

NEW! Animal Communication Classes added

Learn to Speak With the Animals

Saturday, June 3, 2017
Saturday, September 9, 2017
Sunday, October 15, 2017

 4pm - 6pm 

Awakenings Bookstore

$100 at the door

$35 for returning students  www.paypal.me/FrancesGreenspan/35

Price includes a free copy of the book 
“Learn to Speak with the Animals - by Developing Your Intuitive Abilities”

Yes, you can communicate with animals! 

This class is open to anyone wanting to learn about animal communication and how to connect with animals at a deeper level. It’s designed to help you develop or expand upon that ability through learning about what animal communication is, how it works, and the perspective of animals. Learn how to open your heart and mind to receive animals' messages. 

Exercises and individual attention to each participant's learning process are provided in a safe, supportive, empowering environment. Each person is requested to bring a photo of an animal (alive or even those who have passed on) for each person to speak with them individually while Frances helps to fine-tune your reception skills to help build your confidence in your abilities. 

  • How animals communicate
  • The perspective of life from the animals’ point of view 
  • The spiritual essence of animals 
  • Psychic abilities: seeing, hearing, knowing, sensing, feeling (physical and emotional) 
  • How to communicate: basics 
  • Understanding your innate abilities 
  • Addressing blocks to clear communication 
  • Knowing yourself prior to communication
  • Techniques for clearing the mind and focusing the heart 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Animal Resources 2017

Animal Resource List

Please share with me your favorite animal healers - western, eastern and holistic, vets, reiki, acupuncture, food, sitters, walkers, aromatherapy - I would like to make this list available to my readers in the next blog - and add to it as a resource to serve you and the animals.

Pet Walkers and Sitters

Arf Dog Walks
Rise Taylor 949-554-9700

Judy’s Loving Care - Judy Steward 


Pattie Meyers 949-370-0087

949-600-8885 cell:  949-677-4930

Downward Dog
Dog walking, day camps, overnight boarding.
Ivy 949-244-8606

Rescues and Organizations

PO Box 4156 Fullerton, CA 92834
Fax #: (714) 598-3355

Dina Kourda
949-939-4860 / 714-751-6272

Kitten Rescue LW Catmom’s Adoptions 

Linda 949-348-2640 lwcatmom@pacbell.net

Phyllis 323-394-0954  phyllis@millerburg.com

Julie 61-313-5193 cleanjust42day@msn.com

Kitten Rescue 818-347-3037 mail@kittenrescue.org 


17th St. Dog Spaw
285 E. 17th St., Costa Mesa

Pet Health

Dr. Peter Bloch

24912 Chrisanta Drive

Mission Viejo, 92691

(949) 768-3651

Enzymes and sprays to address feline spraying and urine issues

Arthramine for Healthy Joints & Bones 
Glucosamine is great for older dogs with stiff joints, add to their food and can be purchased at your local pet store.

Nationwide home based veterinary hospice and euthanasia. 

Paws On the Go

Center for Animal Physical Rehabilitation and Mobility Solutions
Caroline Goulard DVM, CCRT, CVA, CVPP
24310 Moulton Pkwy Suite N, Laguna Woods, CA 92637
(949) 813-4107  

Multifunctional pet products including pet safety car seat harness.  

Pet Food

"Biologically Appropriate" mirrors your pet’s evolutionary diet.

Paw Tree
Nutritional pet food and natural products
Vickie Marx  949-360-7773 

Truth About Pet Food
Information about pet food ingredients, regulations, recalls and more. 

Conversation with Bear


Frances: Hi Bear – how are you?  
huh? Who are you?  
Frances: I’m a friend of your mom.  She asked if I could talk with you.
oh ok.  
Frances: Honey I know you are a puppy and have so much energy.  Your mom is concerned when you don’t listen to her.  She and the family love you very much.  
Why did they send me away?
Frances: They sent you to a special puppy school to learn your manners.  To learn how to behave with your family.  To learn to go pee and poo outside.  
So are they going to send me away again?
Frances: No honey – they love you and want you to stay in their family.  It is important that you behave by not jumping or biting anyone.  The people who come to your house are friendly and not going to harm anyone.  Does that make sense to you?  
I guess so but I thought I was supposed to protect them.  
Frances: You are honey, but only when there is a danger – not everyone is bad, everyone is good until they show you otherwise.  To let mom know someone is there you can do one bark.  If there is danger then you can bark more – no jumping or biting on anyone.  
What is my job then?  
Frances: Your job is to be a loving companion for the boys and Quinn.  
But Quinn doesn’t play back.
Frances: I know honey that’s because he is older – but be kind to him ok?)  
ok so I can play with the boys?
Frances: Yes honey – but outside – not in the house – you need to be a gentle dog in the house.  No running or horseplay in the house.  Please calm down when you are inside.  
What does “calm” mean?
Frances: Taking things slower – walk slower, move slower, behave in a slower way.  Take your time eating, there will always be enough food for you.  Share your toys with Quinn – even if he doesn’t act like he wants to play – show him you will share with him. 
There are lots of toys and the food is really good.  Is it ok if I sit next to mom when she is working or talking on the phone?
Frances: If you are still and quiet I’m sure mom won’t mind. She loves you very much and want you to be a loving part of the family.  Please understand they chose you because you are special – they love you very much.
Wow – so I’m not going to have to live anyplace else? This is my home for real?  
Frances: Yes honey – this is your home and your family – and love them as much as they love you.  Do you think you can do that?
Yes – oh thank you for talking with me.  
Frances: You’re very welcome Bear – bye bye.