Thursday, January 29, 2015

Is This Pet an Artist?

Kibble Art 

by Whiskers Picasso

Whiskers, is very creative with her food.  She likes to create portraits in her kibble.  These have just started to appear in her dish within the last few months.   

Whisker’s auntie Lisa thinks that the one on the top looks like her with the big hair. Someone else said it looks like lil orphan Annie.  Some pre-teens we polled thinks the two on the right look like the evolution of Michael Jackson's style! 

What do you see here? Do you think the one on the bottom left looks like Scooby Doo?

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Friday, January 2, 2015

Why does my dog act funny when the handyman comes to my home?


Our pets know the character of the people who we bring into our lives. They will react differently to those they approve of and those they don’t. Many times the pet will act uncharacteristically with this person – aggressively if they are normally docile, quiet if they are usually talkative – these warning signs are for you to pay close attention to this person. Do they have your best interest at heart?

The pets are able to sense if a person is good or bad for you in your home.  If someone is in your home to do repairs, the pet may be very protective if they sense danger from this person.  It may be an unsaid word, the smell (one pet didn’t like the smell of the repairman – the client indicated the man wore the same clothes day after day), the way the person looks at you when you are not aware (but the pet watches every move).  The pet may try to give you warnings with their actions – to keep you aware of their uneasiness with this person in your home.  Trust the pet’s instinct – they only want the best for you.