Tuesday, September 4, 2018

5 Tips for Your Next Trip to the Dog Park

Ah, the dog park. It's a magical place for dogs and humans alike. (If you thought you enjoyed people watching, you're really going to love dog watching.  But just because the dog park is a dog person's utopia, it doesn't mean that there are no rules. Freedom, after all, isn't really free.

To help keep park time peak fun time, we've rounded up some basic tips to help you and your pup mind their pees and qs.

1. Leave all food and treats at home.
Too many dogs are protective over snacks and seeing the limited supply could cause a dangerous tussle.

2. Don't keep your dog on leash in off leash areas.
Dogs can get nervous around one another when some are on leash and some aren't. If your dog has good recall, let 'em off! If they don't, then that's something to work on before entering the park with other dogs.   

3. Pick up after your dog (stay off of the phone).We know you know to clean up after your dog, but too many times we've seen people on their phones instead of noticing the mess their dog made. It's annoying, but it's also a danger! Keep an eye on your dog at all times while they're playing.

4. Don't bring dogs to the park that aren't fixed.
If you've been to middle school you know that everything is more dramatic when hormones are raging. Plus, we don't need to be making granddogs in the corner of the park.

5. Keep essentials stocked.
If you bring a ball to the park, you have to assume that another dog is going to want to play with it too. Plus, you never know when a friend is going to need apoop bag. Luckily, we have a whole Dog Park Essentials collection for you to stay prepared for a lovely afternoon.

Article courtesy:    BarkShop.com

Lori: Writer, Giving Cosmo a refresher course in Dog Park 101. 
Benji: A+ Doggo, Gets a gold star for his splendid dog park behavior. 
Tazz: Editor, Benji's proud dog momma.