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Monday, October 5, 2009

Darwin and Magic - A Love Story

Darwin and Magic – a love story:

I was doing a reading with Darwin, a nine month old, male black Standard Poodle. He asked me: "Why do I go in different cars with different people? Why can’t I stay with mom and dad? Don’t they like me? I love them very much and I want to be with them, play with them, and sleep with them. I would like a playmate like me – that looks like me and acts like me. I need more attention – everyone’s so busy – what about me? I want to play and walk around the block to see the kids play – maybe they’ll play with me too. My food is good, my toys are great – I love my house and my mommy and daddy."

Two days prior to meeting with Darwin, I received an email from Magic’s mom that she needed to find a good home for her. Magic is a year old, female, black Standard Poodle. When I was reading for Darwin and he said he wanted a companion that looked like him, I told him I knew someone, but I had to talk with mom first. After the reading, I told his mom about Magic and gave her the contact name and number.

Two days later they had a play date and both mom’s emailed me pictures – they got along so well, like they had known each other forever. A few days later they met again, this time with Darwin’s trainer – who said that, yes, they were “soul mates”. Magic moved in that day.

A few weeks I met with them to ease the transition, to be sure everyone was ok. Darwin came up to me to see if I was going to take Magic away – I assured him she was there to stay. He is so in love, she is amazed at how wonderful her life is. Darwin says, “Thank you, thank you, thank you” every time I see him!

Special thanks to my friend, Frances Greenspan, Animal Communicator. She is the one who connected Magic to her new family, specially a darling, male standard poodle, Darwin, who was looking for a playmate who looked just like himself. Well, they both are darling together! Animal Communicators rock! Linnea Nell Haley
My sweetie-girl, Magic, is now the Queen of Newport Beach and beloved of King Darwin. How magical is this, that two dogs can call in their heart's desire, only to manifest with the help of an excellent animal communicator. Now that's heavenly co-creation! Thank you again Frances, Linnea