Friday, April 24, 2015

I had to put my pet down - will she forgive me?

Q:   My beloved fur baby’s name is Cheyenne. She is a lab/pit mix.  She passed at 13 years old. I'm having a real hard time. The vet I took her to told me to put her down because she was in so much pain it was hard  for her to walk. I went outside to get my brother so he could say good bye and when we went back in to the room the vet had taken her in the back and I never saw her again !!! I wasn't with her till the end . ...My question is .....DOE SHE KNOW ? And will she ever forgive me ?

Frances:  Our pets know our intention, whether we are in the same room or the same dimension – they are with our spirit telepathically.  They know we love them – no regrets.  Cheyenne had a wonderful life with you and allowing her to cross over peacefully was the humane thing to do.  Remember the happy times, remember them in your heart.  Please do not have shrines of her around your home.  Have a special corner with a picture or her ashes when you feel the need to take a moment.  Talk to her, she hears you – whether out loud or in your thinking voice.  Know that she is at peace and wants you to be as well.  The love never dies – it lives on in your heart.  She wants you to share that love with another pup that needs rescuing – when you are ready.