Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Story of Animal Communication - Frances W. Greenspan

This is the first in a series of blogs regarding my experiences as an Animal Communicator. I am writing a book that will be out is an excerpt:

Communication with the animals has become one of the greatest joys of my life. I believe that communicating with animals is my true calling and it was no mistake that I was named Frances, as St. Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of animals and the environment. Growing up as an only child, my dogs and cats were my first playmates.

Sitting on my porch while writing my story, two pigeons were deciding who was going to feed out of the larger dish. One was sitting in the dish, the other on the outside. I telepathically told the birds there was a second dish of food. The one on the outside flew over to it and happily ate from it. I love this work! It is a gift from God.

I give voices to those who can’t say what they want or need. Of course, they do try in their own way verbally and with their behavior. I am able to telepathically hear the words in their very own voice – accents, tones and emotions included. Sometimes they show me pictures, express emotions (such as fear or happiness) or show me ailments (such as making my head spin when they are having a seizure).

They have personalities and egos – power struggles and preferences. They have fears and anxieties that they have from their life experiences – when they were taken from their mother, taken in, left on the street, left in a field or abused behind closed doors. Many are fearful of certain uniforms, males or females – based on the abuse they have endured in their short lives.

Animals don’t live as long as humans, so they pack lots of emotion into their short life span. Their attitude is based on their home life and the attitudes of their owner or siblings (including all of those in the household – human and animal).

I believe animals are part of our “pod” so to speak. We have people and animals from our life span and previous lives. We stay together in this “pod” – coming in different incarnations to learn various lessons.

Our pets join us for various reasons, karmic lessons included. I recently read for a gentleman who felt guilty over having to give his three year old German shepherd to his nephew as he was moving and could no longer keep him. This loving dog asked me to tell him he should let the guilt go as this was his lesson. He had been very controlling earlier in his lifetime, by releasing this dog with love he had also released his need to control others and the outcome of his life.

Animals can pick up on their owner’s feelings and emotions, often manifesting their owner’s symptoms, in order to alleviate their discomfort, taking on the illnesses themselves. Knowing when the owner is ill and holding the energy for them until they are healed.

One client, an 80 yr old woman, has a cat who went blind, prior to her own cataract surgery that was very successful.

Animals hold the energy for us – whether it is for our physical, emotional or spiritual well-being. They come into our lives for more reasons than we consciously know. Our pets are aware of what we are going through from a telepathic level. We may not say out loud that we are worried about paying the bills, but our pets know and take on some of the anxiety from us – and for us.