Thursday, May 28, 2015

Why does my dog whine in the car?

This is Blackie, she is a 4 yr old female Terrier/Schnauzer rescue dog - she was with her first mom 3 yrs and now a year with her new mom.  

Q:  She willingly gets into my car and hops into her dog seat. But after about two minutes she starts whining. Why? 

(Why are you afraid to go into the car?)  Where are we going? Doesn’t mom love me anymore?  Is she going to drop me off somewhere and never come back like my first mom did?  Am I not good enough?  Am I not a good dog?  Why didn’t my mom keep me?  Why did she get rid of me like I was the trash?  Oh I am so sad she left me – I can’t believe I am telling you all this – do you know how hard this has been on me?  (Honey, yes I do understand how hard this has been on you.  I’m so sorry you had to go through this with your first mom.  This was very unfortunate, but she had some adult problems and couldn’t keep you.  She made sure you found your new mom who loves you very much and would never leave you or drop you off anyplace where she would not pick you up.  You are loved and very much a perfect dog.  You are a good dog and mom only wants the best for you. 

As you see, communication is so important - share with your pet where you are going, how long you are going to be, assure your pet we will be together, or if you are taking her to the groomer, you will be back to get her.  Rescues especially need this reassurance that they are loved and will never be abandoned again. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Casting Call for all Cat Lovers!

Los Angeles Production Studio

NOW CASTING for Non-Airing Pilot for


You don’t just love your cat, you are connected to your cat.You know what Fluffy needs, what Fluffy wants, and what Fluffy is doing even when you aren’t around.

You laugh when your friends talk about their dogs, because they can never understand how deep a relationship with a cat can be.

You… are a cat person. And we want you for our cat competition game show to showcase your connection with your cat!

Email casting dept. at to apply!

Skype interviews with your cats – DEADLINE by May 26th.  Contact the above email by May 22nd. Filming will be done June 2nd (no cats on set).