Thursday, March 19, 2015

What is a Telephone Reading?

If you are not sure how a telephone reading works, here is a brief overview, and also answers to some commonly asked questions.

Telephone readings are the same as those when your pet is in the same room with me…as it would be when I tune in to those pets that have crossed over.  I am tuning in to your pet’s energy telepathically and hearing the dog's thinking voice to my thinking sound.  Many times their voice sounds like the owner’s voice or accent. 

I speak to animals for clients in Japan - whose language is Japanese - but using telepathy I hear their responses in English and speak to the animals in English - yet they hear the information in Japanese (or “dog” language) – I don’t really know!

Contrary to popular belief I do not require the pet to be physically present. There is a misconception that I somehow read the information from the pet in front of me or even their picture, which is not true – it is as said previously, telepathically.

When people sit down with me, I immediately advise them not to be put off by the lack of sound when I am tuning in to their pet.   The pet and I are in conversation and I will share what I receive when we are finished with the topic at hand.  Sometimes I close my eyes to not be distracted by those around me.   I need to focus on the pet, in the way one would pay attention to any conversation.

During a phone sitting the pet gives me the information to pass on to you, just as they would if you were in the same room, except that I am relaying the message to you via the telephone.

This is very obvious when you think about it; how can being in the same room as me make a difference to your pet who is communicating with you through me?  Especially for those pets who have crossed over – they are just so happy to give their message to you – my physical location is completely irrelevant.

I ask that you write questions for me so you have them ready for the appointment. I will need the name, type of animal (breed), sex, age (or if they have crossed over), how long you have had them, and if there is a particular concern or question I can answer when I first tune in.   It is best not to have any noisy distractions that will be annoying to your pet, or to you.

Phone sittings are a convenient way of avoiding traffic and travel time, and you can (hopefully) relax afterwards.

I hope this clarifies the process for you. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me.