Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Billy's Message from the Other Side

Frances:  Hi Billy –how are you?

Billy:  I’m fine – I wish mom would stop blaming herself.   She did nothing wrong.  She did everything she could and more.  My body was only going to last just so long. 

It saddens me to see her so upset – thank you for talking with her.  She
was the perfect mom – I know she didn’t think so – but she made the best food and served it with love.  Love was all around – she had so much to share with
me.  I want her now to share that love with herself.  To treat herself like she did me – even half as much would be so good for her. Please tell her I love her very much and will always love her.  I will always be in her heart and she can call on me whenever she wants me by her side. 

Please tell her to light a candle for me tonight and know that when it goes out – I will still be around her in her heart.  She will never be forgotten – she was the best mom a dog could ever have. 

Frances:  Thank you, Billy – I will share this with your mom.

Billy:  You’re welcome and thank you from all of us on this side of the veil.