Thursday, July 26, 2018

Happy Clients

Crush is a 4-year-old Turtle who lives in a tank with a few new fish.   I'm worried he doesn't like his new friends in the tank (the fish).  Also worried that he doesn't get enough love from me some days when I'm busy. This causes him to go crazy and bounce off the sides of his tank. I mostly want to know he is comfortable and happy as he seems a good part of the time. - Heidi R.

Frances:  Hi Crush – how are you?

Crush:  "I'm ok – I want to play with mom more.  I want to be out of this tank more.  Why did those fish have to be here too? (I'm sorry Crush – let me get to your questions one at a time.  I will speak with mom about some Crush time every day.  Some days may be just 5 minutes – but we will talk later on how this can work for both of you.  You know mom wants you to be happy, right?)  Well, I suppose so – but she has a funny way of showing it with those darn fish in here with me – why did she bring them in?  (She thought you might want some company – seeing that you were all alone in the tank.)  They like to play hide and seek with each other – I certainly can't hide in this tank.  (I'm sorry Crush – but they're kind of nice to watch aren't they?)  Yeah – I suppose it's better than nothing.  But I want more of mom's time.  Just her and me, you know?  (Yes, honey, I know – we will talk later about that.  Is that why you bounce off the side of the tank?)  Yes, it gets her attention.  I can't speak to her like this, so that's what I do when she's ignoring me.  (Honey, mom can be very busy working – so again we will talk later today about Crush time.)  Ok, thank you. Please tell her I appreciate her taking me in and everything she does for me.  I especially enjoy the food – she gives me good stuff to eat – really good stuff.  I'm a lucky guy, you know? (Yes, honey I'm sure mom will be happy to hear that.)  Why do you call her mom?  (What would you like to call her?)  Beautiful – she's just so beautiful."

Heidi (after the reading):
"Good morning, Frances, what a difference in my little CrushCrush! He was so mellow all night as we hung out. Then this morning, he was all for coming out and getting his loves before breakfast.  I really can feel and see a difference. (He didn't eat his friends though). Thank you so much! You truly have a gift, Frances."

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