Monday, April 12, 2021

Keep it Simple

Keep it Simple
We may not realize our pets know what we’re feeling and what we’re saying and in their own way interpret like a child.  They don’t understand the background, situation we’re going through, why we’re thinking something or why we’re saying something. I had a client whose parrot said he wanted mom to smile more.  Mom said, “OK, when I’m around him I’ll smile.” I said, “No, he wants you to be happy. He wants you to feel what’s behind the smile.” She explained her husband had been in the hospital for a few months and she had concerns when he came home regarding his health. I suggested that the two of them watch YouTube videos of the Carol Burnett show. Remember Harvey Korman and Tim Conway? You can’t not laugh when you see their dentist skit. She said she would and that that sounded like a really good idea.

I had another client whose adult son (who is very kind and gentle) would come over and her 11-month-old cat ran away from him. She didn’t do that at the beginning but now she is - why? I asked her why she ran away from him and she said she was scared that he was going to take her from mom. My client started crying and explained her husband and her were both very ill together.  Unfortunately, her husband passed away, but thankfully she was recovering with symptoms, but still recovering. During the time when they were both ill, there was a discussion regarding her son adopting the cat, if both of them passed away. So, I explained to the cat that that was just a plan in case something happened to both of them.  Unfortunately, your dad is gone but mom is still here - so that explained to her the situation with the son.

We love them so much and remember they’re part of our family and they tend to accept things in a child-like way. The simpler you can explain things (and yes, you can say it out loud) whatever it might be, the better.

For the Love of Animals,


Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

It’s Spring Time!  Spring clearing and cleaning – where is all this stuff going?  My favorite chair to sit on, under and behind.  Strangers coming in to take things away and fixing stuff.  Why?  Sage and Ollie my two 4-year-old female cats are asking.  Sage is taking a new hiding place on top of the refrigerator – behind the cereal box or on the kitchen countertop behind the paper towel holder - maybe if she can’t see them, they can’t see her? I am going through drawers, closets, and the garage.  The stuff has been collecting for at least the 18 years I have been in my condo.  I am simplifying and releasing.  I have to reassure the cats when things leave, that they (the cats) are staying.  I have been revisiting the emotional attachment to things and as the Marie Kondo method – does it bring me joy?  My home has been my sanctuary for a year now – safe from the outside world of uncertainty.  My cats did not understand why I didn’t leave each day like I used to.  I explained to them that life is changing, and we have to share the dining room chairs (their favorite sleeping spots).  My dining room table holds my work laptop next to my personal laptop.  They had to get used to that and adjust too.

I am an only child and I do enjoy my alone time – but I have come to realize that I am happy wherever I call my home.  I will be beginning a new chapter of my life – March 31st is the last day of my day job.  I will be free to speak with the animals wherever my heart takes me – in my time and space.  It may be April 1st – April Fool’s Day - but I am no fool and I fool nobody.  My time will be free to be all of me.  For me - and for the animals.

For the Love of Animals,



Thursday, February 11, 2021

Animal Care Resources 2021

Pet Walkers, Sitters and Trainers

Arf Dog Walks

Rise Taylor 949-554-9700

Judy’s Loving Care - Judy Steward  


Lisa the Critter-Sitter 


Patties Pet Care and Housesitting

Pattie Meyers 949-370-0087

Penny Pampers Pets    

949-600-8885 cell:  949-677-4930

Downward Dog

Dog walking, day camps, overnight boarding.

Ivy 949-244-8606

Dog Trainer

Companion Dogs by Dr. Sue Myles

Concierge Dog Training For Pets & Their People


Dog walker/sitter (San Diego area)

Roseanne - via Rover app

Rescues and Organizations

Barks of Love Animal Rescue and Placement Services

PO Box 4156  Fullerton, CA 92834  

Fax #: (714) 598-3355

Orange County People for Animals 

Dina Kourda 

949-939-4860 / 714-751-6272

Petfinder - Cats 

Kitten Rescue LW Catmom’s Adoptions 

Linda 949-348-2640

Phyllis 323-394-0954

Julie 61-313-5193

Kitten Rescue 818-347-3037 

Pet Project Foundation

Microchip Lookup

Lost Pet Detection 

Landa Coldiron

(818) 442-2952

Pet Locator app - Pet protection network


17th St. Dog Spaw

285 E. 17th St., Costa Mesa


Pet Food

Arcana Dog and Cat Food

"Biologically Appropriate"  mirrors your pet’s evolutionary diet. 

Paw Tree

Nutritional pet food and natural products

Vickie Marx  949-360-7773 

Truth About Pet Food

Information about pet food ingredients, regulations, recalls and more. 

Dog Food Advisor

List of recently recalled dog foods. 

Pet Health

Pets Acupuncture

Jacqueline Heller DVM

Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist

Veterinary Holistic Care Serving South Orange County

(949) 547-0112 

Animal and Bird Clinic of Mission Viejo 

Dr. Peter Bloch

24912 Chrisanta Drive

Mission Viejo, 92691

(949) 768-3651

Cat Faeries

Enzymes and sprays to address feline spraying and urine issues

PO Box 31885

San Francisco, CA 94131


Arthramine for Healthy Joints & Bones 

Glucosamine is great for older dogs with stiff joints, add to their food and can be purchased at your local pet store.

Center for Animal Physical Rehabilitation and Mobility Solutions

Caroline Goulard DVM, CCRT, CVA, CVPP

24310 Moulton Pkwy Suite N, Laguna Woods, CA 92637

(949) 813-4107  

Tustin Care Animal Hospital 

Dr. Deena Leong

14051-B Newport Ave. Tustin, CA 92780



Multifunctional pet products including pet safety car seat harness.  

Euthenasia & Hospice Care

Lap of Love

Nationwide home-based veterinary hospice and euthanasia. 




Paws On the Go


Dr. Hannah Curtis (Orange County, California area)

Home Pet Euthanasia

Compassionate and Caring End of Life Care

Dr. Annie Forslund

360 E. First Street, Suite #109; Tustin, CA 92780

(657) 255-8611


Friday, February 5, 2021

What do Your Pets Want You to Know?

What Do Your Pets Want You to Know?
February 28, 2021
2pm - 3pm

Join us for this fun and interesting hour of conversations 
with the animals in the safety of your home via Zoom.

Have you ever wondered:
What is an animal communicator? How does it work?
Do you speak dog cat or horse language?
Why does my cat come when I want her to come but I haven’t actually called her?
Do our pets pick up our emotions and illnesses?
Can our words hurt our pet’s feelings?
Why do they like some people and not others?
Do they have preferences in companions? (People and/or animals)
Do the foods we feed our pets really make a difference?
What is the difference between an animal trainer/behaviorist and an animal communicator?
What is a phone reading? Do I put my dog up on the phone?

Frances W Greenspan is an animal communicator and speaks telepathically to the animals. Her favorite clients are rescued pets – finding out why they are doing what they are doing and those that have crossed over – helping to heal the human who is grieving their loss.
Attendees will have a chance to ask one question regarding their pet - whether here or those who have crossed over. Depending on the number of attendees and constraint of time not all participants may have their question answered.
$25 to attend; Zoom link provided upon registration.
Connect with Frances: or call (949) 412-9554


Friday, January 8, 2021

Wish you could talk to your pet?

How do you know when your pet is depressed?

What can you do when your pet is anxious?

Is your pet upset about something?

Join Frances on air with 

Monday, January 11
12pm Pacific Time

Call in to ask your pet questions!
The call-in number is
(516) 531-9637

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Does My Health Affect my Pet?

Does My Health Affect my Pet?
Secondhand smoke isn't just bad for humans, but for the animals, as well. One client, a heavy smoker, wanted to know what was wrong with her dog's skin. I told her the smoke and nicotine was adversely affecting her dog. That wasn't enough for her to quit smoking, but she does have the windows wide open, weather permitting.

Chemicals we use in and around our houses are dangerous for us and our pets. One client wanted to know why her dog had a skin rash. He had skin rashes as long as she had him - four years. I asked her about her gardener and what he used on the grass to kill the bugs. She didn't know. I asked her how long she has used this gardener - four or five years. So as long as the dog rolled, walked and played on the grass, the chemicals were on him and when he licked himself, they went into his system.

Animals can pick up on their owner's feelings and emotions, often manifesting their owner's symptoms, in order to alleviate their discomfort, taking on the illnesses themselves. Knowing when the owner is ill and holding the energy for them until they are healed. One client, an 85-year-old woman, had a cat who went blind, prior to her own cataract surgery that was very successful.

Animals hold the energy for us - whether it is for our physical, emotional or spiritual well-being. They come into our lives for more reasons than we consciously know. Our pets are aware of what we are going through from a telepathic level. We may not say out loud that we are worried about paying the bills, but our pets know and take on some of the anxiety from us - and for us.

Consider looking at your own health when your pet is having a health issue. Allergies and skin reactions are no different for us as for the animals. Many people are finding themselves allergic to, or intolerant of, wheat and dairy products. Since our animals reflect us, consider what you feed them. Table scraps including those products should not be given to our pets. Many of my clients, especially after the recent pet food scare, have been much more careful of what foods, brands and types they are feeding their pets and paying attention to how they are reacting.

Some of my clients find the raw food diet, including carrots, apples and green beans, to be a great way to supplement their nutrition. If the pet has a hard time moving their bowels, consider adding a bit of flax seed oil or olive oil to the mix. There are many good prepared raw food products on the market. And, by the way, consider how you are feeding yourself. Remember, your animals are a reflection of you. Stick to real food, rather than processed foods, walk with your dogs to get your exercise and you'll both feel better. Have you noticed overweight people tend to have overweight pets? The animals do not need to graze or snack all day long. They do not need treats as a regular diet. Consider the treats for your pets as you would candy for your kids. Is one candy bar enough? How about just a taste? Consider the nutrition of what you are feeding yourself and your pets. They do not need, nor do they digest well, carbohydrates (i.e. breads, grains). How about our bodies?

Remember, our pet's health reflects our health - be careful what you feed them - they are relying on you for their daily needs

Excerpts taken from my books: What Do Your Pets Want You to Know? More Messages from the Animals, Lessons from the Animals and Voice for the Animals available on Amazon and Kindle

For the Love of Animals, Frances


Thursday, November 12, 2020

What Do Your Pets Want You to Know?


Online Animal Communication Demonstration

via Zoom October 25, 2020

Frances W Greenspan is an animal communicator and speaks telepathically to the animals. Her favorite clients are rescued pets – finding out why they are doing what they are doing and those that have crossed over – helping to heal the human who is grieving their loss. Attendees had a chance to ask one question regarding their pet - whether here or those who have crossed over.